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Welcome to the
Mystery Labyrinth


Here you may learn a lot about labyrinths.

Step by step ...
Puzzles (4 pieces)
Fairy-tale of the Labyrinth
Fascination Labyrinth
Labyrinth for Sceptics
Labyrinth Navigation System
Melody of the Labyrinth
Quotations to the Labyrinth
... and mysterious
Würzburg Labyrinth Project 2004
Altenkirchen Labyrinth Proj. 2005
Interview Hermann Kern 1983
The Chartres Labyrinth (poetical)
The Chartres Labyrinth (technical)
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The Knidos Labyrinth
The Troy Towns
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The centered Knidos labyrinth


... in the desert?
Photo Gallery: 180 labyrinths
Descr. of the Plech Labyrinth
Descr. of the Schwanberg Labyr.
Description of 4 Allgäu Labyrinths
Descr. of the Congress Zürich 2003
Descr. Paris - Chartres 2003
Description Chartres 2004
Descr. Benediktushof 2004-2007
Description Sweden Tour 2007
Walking the path ...
The path in a Classical Labyrinth
The path in a Roman Labyrinth
The path in an Otfrid Labyrinth
The path in a Medieval Labyrinth
The path in an American Labyrinth
The path in the Münsterschw. Lab.
The path in the Himmelkron Lab.
The path in the Schwanberg Lab.

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