Labyrinthish Miscellaneous


Labyrinthish Miscellaneous

Here you will find different things to the topic labyrinth; all that doesn't fit to other pages.


Effective February 2021

A lot has happened and changed, since mymaze is on the net. Visitors' books and forums are not asked any more, since we have the social networks. And thus users eager for the labyrinth appear on Facebook. There are also several groups on the subject Labyrinth. I want to introduce that here.

group pictureThe Labyrinth Society Global Group is a public group, open to everyone on Facebook.

I quote from the description:
The Labyrinth Society is an international non-profit organization whose mission is to support all those who create, maintain and use labyrinths, and to serve the global community by providing education, networking and opportunities to experience transformation.

The Labyrinth Society is a member-based organization that brings labyrinth enthusiasts together to share their interest, energy, and expertise.

The group has at present 10287 members and is still growing.

group pictureThe Labyrinth Makers forum is a public group, open to all on Facebook.

From the description:
The Labyrinth Makers forum is a place to share, explore and discuss, tools, materials, and techniques for creating, birthing, making and re-vitalizing labyrinths of all types. It is meant to discuss and advance the craft, and the art.

The group has at present 1860 members.

group pictureThe group Chartres Cathedral Labyrinth is a public group, open to ervery one on Facebbok.

From the description:
For all who walk, talk, use, design, make, create and appreciate the Chartres Cathedral Labyrinth and its variations.

Sharing the history, mystery, appreciation, and usage of the Chartres Cathedral labyrinth and its derivatives.

The group has at present 1881 members.

group pictureThe group Classical Labyrinths is a public group, open to everyone on Facebook..

From the description:
The place for all who use, make, build and appreciate the Classical 7 circuit labyrinth and its derivatives.

The group has at present 1276 members.

group pictureThere is also a group for children: Children and the Labyrinthis a public group, open to everyone on Facebook.

From the description:
A forum to share and discuss activities related to children and their exploration of the labyrinth.


The group has at present 374 members.

group pictureThe group The Labyrinth & Sacred Play is a public group, open to everyone on Facebook.

From the description:
We wish to raise awareness of "Sacred Play" and its relationship to the Labyrinth. This is a place to share your ideas and your visions, your poetry and your art. And we also hope to stimulate insightful and interesting discussion about labyrinths and labyrinth-resonant experiences! This will be our shared adventure!

The group has at present 580 members.

my cover photoMy personal profile on Facebbok under Erwin Reißmann. One must just be a member of Facebook and register himself to see, e.g., the precalled groups. I act very cautiously with personal information and I have only a few friends. Also my other activities are limited very much. Primarily I look what happens in the groups.

my account Pinterest is dealing with pictures on the social network. One can collect images on pinboards which than can be followed. I only have one pinboard titled "Labyrinth" with about 200 pictures. A few follow me and I only follow people who pursue a pinboard about labyrinths (thus about 200). As most of my pictures are linked to the blog I can make a little advertising for the Labyrinthblog in this way.

My Instagram account Now I'm on Instagram too. I post a picture about once a week. Right now I'm on about 100 posts, have about 2000 subscribers, and following about 1000.


my channel YouTube is dealing with videos. One can upload own videos, watch other videos and share or embed them on a website. Meanwhile I have uploaded 35 videos, mostly about labyrinths.

labyrinth information systemSince 2004 the database exists. Up to now (October 2017) more than 5400 labyrinths in 80 countries are listed. If you are looking for a labyrinth anywhere in the wide world, please you may find it with the World-Wide Labyrinth Locator ... Link >

at Holzkirchen (Germany)If you are searching for the way to the center, please you may find it in the Center for Spiritual Paths ... Link >




WikipediaIf you want to know what Wikipedia has to say about the labyrinth, please go and read ... Link >

Please try some other languages too.



a labyrinth for BerlinIf you want to know if a labyrinth garden will be built in Berlin on the Schlossplatz, please take a look here ... Link >



drawing Sieber from 1821If you want to know if  the cave near Gortyna on Crete could be the labyrinth of the Greek myths or not, please you might learn it by Thomas M. Waldmann from Switzerland (or not) ... Link >




Gute Dinge, die lächelnIf you want to buy a Chartres Labyrinth as a game of skill, please you can do it on ... Link >




in the Netherlands© Willem Kuipers

If you want to know what a strandlabyrinth is and want to read a short story about it, please you may find it on the website of Willem Kuipers ... Link >



living labyrinthIf you want to know more about a living labyrinth, please here in Helfta (Germany) you can see one ... Link >

More about the artist Birgit Cauer ... Link >



wine labyrinthIf you would like to visit a Wine Labyrinth, please in Weimar you can do that ... Link >




Jürgen vom ScheidtIf you want to know, what the fun of writing has to do with the labyrinth, please Jürgen vom Scheidt will explain it ... Link >

A little tip for busy people: Enter labyrinth at Suchen (search), then you will get the first answers.


He also interviewed Hermann Kern in 1983 at the Bavarian Broadcasting, here you can read the English translation ... Link >

Klaus KirdorfIf you want to walk from labyrinth to labyrinth: Klaus Kirdorf from Wetzlar (email: is the man behind this idea. He wants to make "walkable" the ways between the labyrinths in Germany and around. For more information please go to the website of Silke and Werner under: Labyrinth-Wanderwege.

A small photo gallery from the hike in Franconia in May 2006 ... Link>




Finger labyrinthIf you want to see a movie (in German) of the Bayerische Rundfunk (Bavarian Broadcasting) with the title: Stationen - Im Labyrinth - Der lange Weg zur Mitte (Stations - In the labyrinth - The long way to the center), telecasted in 2001, you could order a DVD-R at:

br mitschnitt
c/o BRmedia Service GmbH
80335 München
Telefon: +49 (0)89 / 5900-10888
Telefax: + 49 (0)89 / 5900-10889

Alexander LautenbacherIf you are searching for a ceramic artist working intensively with the labyrinth, please with Alexander Lautenbacher you may find one ... Link >




Anne in her kitchenmosaic labyrinthIf you are searching for a mosaic artist, who made out of her house a total artwork, please with Anne Huberth you may find one ... Link >




Toni Pecoraro's websiteIf you want to see the etchings and aquitants of an Italian artist to the topic Labyrinth, please with Toni Pecoraro you may find one ... Link >




Schloss HonhardtIf you wanted to experience something extraordinary extraordinarily, you could have visited an exhibition about labyrinths and mazes in the very old castle Honhardt in the time from 09/10/04 to 01/06/05

Pictures of the exhibition in the photo gallery under Honhardt >



mazesIf you want to play with mazes, please you can do it on the website of Lars O. Heintel  ... Link >