2nd International Labyrinth Congress Zürich 2003


2nd International Labyrinth Congress Zürich 2003

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Program: on the way - deepening - interchanging




at the Zeughaushof (formerly barracks)the entrance to the garden labyrinthFrom 08/28/2003 to 08/31/2003 the women of the Labyrinth Project International at Zürich organized the congress at the Zeughaushof (a place near the main station). Approximately 90 persons participated, among the numerous women only a handful men. The participants came from Switzerland, Austria, Germany, Italy, the Netherlands.



Grossmünster the participants came from all sides St. Peter


Freya and Grau-Eule from Germanywalking to the labyrinthThe welcome was in the evening of Thursday, 08/28/2003 with a first walk into the labyrinth. The incidental music was played by Franziska Gohl, Karin Beck and Matthias Gerber. Ursula Knecht and Rosmarie Schmid presented a labyrinthine rebus. After that was the common evening meal at the restaurant Zeughaushof.


Entering ... ... the ... ... labyrinth ... ... with music




on the way


Group 5 at the stationGroup 5 in WaldOn Friday, 08/29/2003 there were 8 different journeys to public labyrinth places in groups with tram, train, bus, ship, on foot.




1: to Wölflinswil with Agnes Barmettler, 2: to Basel and Lörrach with Agnes Leu and Rafalela Schmakowski, 3: to the region Bern with Christina, Monika, Regula, Kathrin, 4: to Effretikon with Judith Bertschi, Hanna Ley, Monika Schmid, 5: to Wald, Bubikon and Boldern with Susanne Kramer, 6: to the canton Uri with Heidi and Augustin Gisler, 7: to the Hürst street in Zürich with Elisabeth, Edith, Fernanda, Marga, 8: to the Seeburgpark and the Schindlergut in Zürich, Nidelbad in Rüschlikon with Ursula Knecht and Rosmarie Schmid.


Group 5 in Bubikon Group 5 in the Chartres labyrinth Group 5 in Boldern Group 5 in the Baltic wheel
Group 5 on the lake Zürich Group 5 landing at Zürich with Susanne Kramer in the Fraumünster with Susanne Kramer in front of St. Peter


Agnes Barmettler and Ilse SeifriedMarianne EwaldtIn the late afternoon was a reception of the city councillor and social minister Monika Stocker, joined with the common dinner in the Zeughaushof. After that there was in the gallery labyrinth literature with the authors present Ilse Seifried and Gernot Candolini together with a book table, cared for by Gerti Camenisch of "frauenbuchladen mobil".


Agnes Barmettler, Gernot Candolini Monika Stocker, Rosmarie Schmid Heidi Gisler-Brun


slow match labyrinthThe planned fire labyrinth of Agnes Barmettler fell a victim of the regulations of the city of Zürich. It took place very small in the "hall" and was musically accompanied by Valentin Vecellio.







Rosmarie SchmidZita Küng and Katharina ZauggOn Saturday, 08/30/2003 took place the "Open Space", moderated and explained by Zita Küng. The participants themselves fixed the topics and worked in many different groups at different times. The minutes of this work could be distributed to all on Sunday.


the "original labyrinth" of Agnes BarmettlerEntries from the table of contents: - building of a labyrinth, - to make a present of a labyrinth, - labyrinths in München, - report of the travel day, - to inaugurate a labyrinth, - Labyrinth-Congress in Germany in 2005, - labyrinth und earth healing, - labyrinth and money, - Labyrinth-Day in Kassel, - not yet?, - political rights and the labyrinth movement, - to collect waste as a meditation, - prostitution, - beautiful living, - symbols, - texts and songs, - connexion and participation, - moving, - weather, - continuity.


how to make a labyrinth, by Agnes  Barmettler participants looking to the done work


theatre workshop EisingenThe theatre workshop Eisingen (near Würzburg) gave a performance with masks about the myth of the labyrinth at 21 o'clock. The actors are all persons with mental handicaps. The masks have been created at the sea and in the mountains by themselves, as they helped to evolve the play.



Calma  searching Calma and Myros in the center some of the actors





On Sunday, 08/31/2003 the congress finished with the last meeting of the "Open Space". The prize-winners of the competition riddle of the first day were honoured. With the slogan swinging, ringing, dancing to music of BURITANNER, a cold buffet at noon and a last walk through the labyrinth the congress ceased.

Thanks to the hostesses and the participants.


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