Altenkirchen Labyrinth-Summer 2005 - "WendeWege"


burgomaster and director of the Sparkasse on April 22, 2005 Knocking in the last pile.

The project "Altenkirchen Labyrinth-Summer 2005 - WendeWege" is initiated by the circle of friends of the Lutheran "Landjugendakademie Altenkirchen e.V." together with the Lutheran "Schulreferat des Kirchenkreises", the city and the district of Altenkirchen, the Lutheran "Landjugendakademie", as engaged persons and institutions of the area.

In a proclamation to the creative shaping project you can read:

Creative people, young and old, individuals and groups will shape labyrinths at and round about Altenkirchen: in the forest and the fields, on places and yards, in churches, schools and kindergartens, in frontyards and public parks. Their creations will be a space/time for the ear, the eye and the nose, hand and foot, for memoirs and histories, for hope and perspectives, for the spirit and the soul.


On July 9 and 10, 2005 the "Altenkirchen Labyrinth-Summer 2005 - WendeWege" was opened with a candle-labyrinth on the Schlossplatz and an ecumenical divine service at the labyrinth in the Parc de Tarbes.

One could visit more than 20 stations.

ecumenical divine service





Photographs from the labyrinth in the Parc de Tarbes you can see in the photo gallery under Altenkirchen >


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