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If you enter the word "labyrinth" into a search machine, you will be surprised by the number of hits. But unfortunately it is like the paths in a maze: Most of them are wrong (but still try it with "mystery labyrinth"). I tried to find out some of the most essential. I would like to show them to you. Here is a partial and subjective choice.

Thanks to the people behind these websites who want to share their labyrinth experiences with you.

Surely you will find there what you didn't find here.


Labyrinth Links 1
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Go to TLSThe website of The Labyrinth Society has been relaunched now (June 2008), but the TLS' mission remains: To support all those who create, maintain and use labyrinths, and to serve the global community by providing education, networking and opportunities to experience transformation.

Jeff and Kimberley SawardSince 1980, Caerdroia - the Journal of Mazes and Labyrinths - has been a forum for all those interested in the labyrinthine path. It is currently the premier source of information for news, theories and research available and is published annually by Jeff Saward, founder and editor of Caerdroia. Caerdroia is published by Labyrinthos - the Labyrinth Resource Centre, Photo Library and Archive. Founded in 2000 by Jeff & Kimberly Saward, it provides an information resource for those working with labyrinths and mazes, with extensive photographic and illustration libraries and professional consultation services for owners, designers, publishers and producers. Labyrinthos publishes and stocks a wide range of maze and labyrinth related books, publications and products from around the world and also provides lectures, slideshows, events and tour services for enthusiasts and pilgrims on the labyrinthine path.

Lauren ArtressThe Reverend Dr. Lauren Artress is an Episcopal priest, psychotherapist and the author of Walking a Sacred Path which reintroduced the labyrinth as a form of walking meditation and a path of prayer to thousands of readers. Through her work as Canon for Special Ministries at Grace Cathedral in San Francisco and as founder of Veriditas, a worldwide labyrinth project, she has become the single most visible and sought-after leader of the labyrinth movement around the world.

An interview with Lauren Artress from April 7, 2003 "Exploring the Labyrinth as a tool for spiritual navigation" by Kathy Carmean can be heard or read on the website of

Robert FerréLabyrinth Enterprises is entirely devoted to the Labyrinth, on business and in person. The man behind is Robert Ferré, an all-round Labyrinth-maker and -enthusiast. He organized already innumerable travels to the Labyrinth at Chartres Cathedral. On his website you can learn how to build a labyrinth and you may order his canvas-labyrinths.

The website of Lars Howlett Lars Howlett builds, walks, and photographs labyrinths as a practice in mindfulness. He is a Veriditas Faculty Member and Certified Labyrinth Facilitator. For three years he was the apprentice to Master Builder Robert Ferre, learning the art of sacred geometry and his methods of creating exact replicas of Classical and Medieval patterns. In 2015 he launched Discover Labyrinths LLC based in the San Francisco Bay Area.

Lars designs and builds labyrinths for universities, offices, churches, hospitals, retreat centers, and private residences. He specializes in the design and installation of temporary and permanent labyrinths, leading workshops and meditative walks in the San Francisco Bay area and beyond.

A new labyrinth of Tony PhillipsGraphic courtesy of Toni Phillips

Through Mazes to Mathematics is the website about labyrinths of Tony Phillips, Professor of Mathematics of the State University of New. He explains the labyrinth in a mathematically way and shows how to calculate new types.

Lea Goode-HarrisLea Goode-Harris, Ph.D. has created the famous Santa Rosa Labyrinth. On her website she is telling how it happened and she shows many examples of realized labyrinths. She made also the Snoopy Labyrinth for the Charles M. Schulz Museum. Lea is engaged in labyrinths, she is writing poetry, and offers many services through her Santa Rosa Labyrinth Foundation.

Dan JohnstonIn Lessons for Living, the website of Dan Johnston with the title Awakenings, there is beside many other themes, also a main chapter about the labyrinth as a psychotherapeutic and a spiritual tool.

Jill K. H. GeoffrionThe Reverend Jill Kimberly Hartwell Geoffrion, Ph.D. is delighted to be working closely with labyrinths as an author, speaker, spiritual coach, photographer, retreat facilitator, designer, installer, trainer of labyrinth facilitators, and visual artist. Jill enjoys encouraging others to use these ancient patterns in ways that invite creativity, transformation and joy. Her deepest interest involves the sacred uses of the labyrinth.

Lisa MoriartyLisa Moriarty, BA, CLF is Creative Artist/Designer Certified Labyrinth Facilitator, and is creating sacred space for individuals, churches, groups and organizations, leads workshops, retreats and presentations on the history and use of labyrinths. She has the Bachelor's degree in fine arts and has trained with Rev. Lauren Artress of Veriditas and Master Labyrinth Maker Robert Ferré of Labyrinth Enterprises in St. Louis, MO. She is Board member of The Labyrinth Society and an active member of the Minnesota Labyrinth Network.

Lisa creates unique labyrinth designs, including Circle of Peace , a 7-circuit concentric circle design that blends elements of the ancient classical and medieval or Chartres-like patterns with sacred geometric principles. Another widely embraced design is the Dancing Woman , a design inspired by the ancient Baltic Wheel pattern and developed to represent triumph, celebration, compassion, joy and comfort.

Sig LonegrenThe Mid-Atlantic Geomancy is dedicated to Astronomy, Sacred Geometry, Dowsing, Sacred and Secular Space. The labyrinth plays an important part and there are a lot of practical and detailed information about it; also an introduction to meditation technics. The men behind are Sig Lonegren and Patrick MacManaway.

Marty and Debi KermeenMarty and Debi Kermeen are creators of labyrinths. Labyrinths in Stone from Illinois (USA) specializes in creating permanent labyrinths of Chartres, Cretan, and contemporary designs.

John RidderThis is the website of John Ridder from Indianapolis (USA), producer of labyrinths, consultant, expert and foundation member of the Labyrinth Society. There is an extensive photo gallery, informations and articles to the theme.

Adrian FisherIn this website Adrian Fisher of Great Britain, the world most famous 'mazemaker', presents his works and his ideas. There are 5 websites: for Maize Mazes, Mirror Mazes, Paving Mazes and Six Minute Mazes.

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