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Hermann Kern ©


In the labyrinth you will not get lost
In the labyrinth you will find yourself
In the labyrinth you will not meet the Minotaur
In the labyrinth you will meet yourself

Hermann Kern, Labyrinthe



Hugo Kükelhaus©


Question about the passage:
Where is the "red thread", holding all together?
The red thread that´s you yourself.
It is the organism on the whole holding together the organs.
As long as I am searching for the "red thread" elsewhere, instead of myself,
I am only living in fragments with myself ...

Hugo Kükelhaus, Schrifttafel aus dem Erfahrungsfeld zur Entfaltung der Sinne



P. Willigis Jäger©


Behind every bend I searched for
and didn´t find You!
As in a labyrinth I erred around.
It droved me off the way
to the other direction
as I meant
not to You,
whom I was searching for.
Despairingly I climbed
over obstacles and fences
until I realized,
I have always been here.
The way is the destination!

Willigis Jäger, Geh den inneren Weg


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