Würzburg Labyrinth Project 2004

1300 years  Würzburg © Copyright Stadt Würzburg

Würzburg is celebrating this year its beginning in the year 704, 1300 years before. Therefore also a Labyrinth Project was organized, that was supported by many persons and institutions.


Würzburg Labyrinth Project 2004


fireworks above the fortress MarienbergThe jubilee started with a multi media spectacle, called Feuerzauber, in the night of June 26, 2004. Photo Gallery here >

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the labyrinth seen from aboveIn the time from July 10 to July 18, 2004, a walkable labyrinth was constructed in the Rosenbachpark of the famous Residenz (UNESCO world heritage).

In the same time there was an exposition at the Orangerie of the Hofgarten, which introduced visitors to the characters and the cultural history of the labyrinth.

There were very manifold performances, such as experimental dance, theatre, music events, meditations, lectures.

This way an open space was created and even the accidental passenger was invitated to participate.


Knidos labyrinthThe labyrinth had a diameter of 18 m with a length of the path of 226,5 m; type classical with a large center. A block of masonry was discovered only a few years ago at Knidos, Turkey with a labyrinth inscribed on it, showing a large center and dated surely to the 6th and 7th centuries AC, thus at least 1300 years old like the city of Würzburg.

More about the Knidos Labyrinth here >



working on earthOn July 7, 2004 the 7th class of the Riemenschneider Gymnasium built the walkable labyrinth out of bark mulch in the Rosenbachpark. Photo Gallery here >



Lisa dancingOn July 10, 2004 was the opening of the project in the Rosenbachpark with speeches, dancing from Lisa Kuttner with music of the Neighbourhood Trio, walking of the labyrinth together accompanied with music of Ensemble Liederlich, at the Orangerie Mrs. Prof. Dr. Erika Simon spoke about the myth, and the TanzTheater-Projektgruppe Salon 77 gave a dancing spectacle to the labyrinth accompanied by the Neighbourhood Trio. Photo Gallery here >


children from the kindergardenOn July 11, 2004 the fransiscan sisters of Oberzell had a ceremony at the labyrinth, the children of the Kindergarten Oberdürrbach danced, the midwifes from the Missio (a hospital) counseled in the labyrinth, the Symboltanzgruppe Luise Lautenbacher from Augsburg danced, the Theaterwerkstatt Eisingen had a spectacle with masks, the TanzTheater-Projektgruppe Salon 77 dances, in the evening Pater Willigis Jäger spoke about the labyrinth as a sign for the spiritual way and Beatrice Grimm organized a labyrinth walk. Photo Gallery here >


two girls having funOn July 12, 2004 the 3rd and 4th classes from the Mönchbergschule were at the labyrinth, in the afternoon first the Theater Spielberg was at the Orangerie, then there were lectures from Mrs. Dr. Liane Preu-Maiwald and Mrs. Christine Böhm, in the evening a class from the Riemenschneider Gymansium showed a mystery play in the labyrinth. Photo Gallery here >


as far as the feet want to walkOn July 13, 2004 the Seminarbezirk Würzburg III GS offered workshops and Monika Schüssler lectured on the meaning of symbols. The Riemenschneider Gymnasium had a creative afternoon in the Orangerie, where in the evening was a spectacle called Lebensbuntheit with recitations from Rainer Streng, musically accompanied by the Fagott-Ensemble Windessenz. Photo Gallery here >


children runningOn July 14, 2004 the 4th classes of the Grundschule Heuchelhof and of the Hauger Schule were in the labyrinth, also the Kindergarten Oberdürrbach. The Theater Spielberg played in the Orangerie and Dr. Jochen Niemuth spoke about mandalas. Photo Gallery here >



Magnus looking out for a wifeOn July 15, 2004 the 2nd and 4th class of the Grundschule Dürrbach, pupils of the Blindeninstitut Würzburg, the 5th classes of the Realschule Höchberg and students of the Fachakademie für Sozialpädagogik St. Hildegard were in the labyrinth. The mystery play was repeated. The Theater Spielberg played again in the Orangerie, Prof. Dr. Wittkowski and Rudolf Held had lectures. Photo Gallery here >


Theaterwerkstatt EisingenOn July 16, 2004 two classes of the Maria Stern Schule, Förderbereich Sprache, were in the labyrinth, one more time the students of the Fachakademie für Sozialpädagogik St. Hildegard. The Theaterwerkstatt Eisingen with mentally handicapped persons gave a spectacle about the labyrinth in the Orangerie. Photo Gallery here >


On July 17, 2004 the Theater Spielberg played one more time and Gisela Trautzsch made a guided tour in the Rokokogarten Veitshöchheim.


happy birth in the labyrinthOn July 18, 2004 the midwifes from the Missio repeated her scenes on pregnancy and birth in the labyrinth and in the evening the labyrinth week ended with the ecumenical service of the students of the Würzburg Hochschulgemeinde. Photo Gallery here >



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