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If you enter the word "labyrinth" into a searching machine, you will be surprised by the number of hits. But unfortunately it is like the paths in a maze: Most of them are wrong. I tried to find out some of the most essential. I would like to show them to you. Here is a partial and subjective choice.

Thanks to the people behind this websites who want to share their labyrinth experiences with you.

Surely you will find there what you didn't find here.

Note for my English-speaking visitors: Because this website is originally a German one, the links below are to German-spoken websites. You have an own page with links to English-spoken websites.

Labyrinth Links
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with a map of GermanyLabyrinthe - begehbar und einwegig. The mysterious power and the aura of a labyrinth is best opened in a direct meeting. This website shows all the reported and accessible labyrinths in Germany. The operators of the site are Silke Wolf and Werner Kaufmann.

to the websiteBeatrice Grimm of Würzburg (Germany) is engaged in contemplation, body prayer and sacred dance, also using the labyrinth.



to the websiteThe labyrinth plays a role too on this website from Beatrice Grimm.

Ilse at HaarloIlse M. Seifried of Vienna (Austria), lady teacher, postgraduate training in music and movement therapy, author, engaged since 1997 worldwide in labyrinth activities with focus on Austria.

Gernot at ChartresGernot Candolini of Innsbruck (Austria) is author, biologist, teacher, labyrinth-explorer, -builder and -guide. He has written some books about the labyrinth.

Das Labyrinthbild des Monats (the picture of the month):

Marianne at ZürichMarianne Ewaldt is an artist with own Ceramic-atelier in Salzburg (Austria). She wants to show the non-material within the material. She works with labyrinths, spirals and the Platonic Solids. Her objects have an aesthetic, symbolic and spiritual dimension.

Labyrinthos CodeZoltán Ludwig Kruse lives and works in the Toscana (Italy), where he is listening to the Labyrinthos Code of Life. He wrote a book about it, titled Wortkernschichtung.

the woman in the labyrinth©, öffentliche frauenplätze

There is a new organisation since March 2004 with the mission to spin worldwide the network of Ariadne of public women-places. is engaged to protect, to promote and to develop the ideas of the labyrinth. It is open for all attending to the same aims.

The artist and labyrinth-builder Agnes Barmettler created the logo with the out stepping, embracing woman.

the woman in the labyrinth© Labyrinthplatz Zürich,, öffentliche frauenplätze

The labyrinth at the Zeughaushof of Zürich (Switzerland) is as it were the mother of all public women-places and known as Labyrinthplatz Zürich since 1991. It is a place of meeting and a model how the people of our time could live together in the world.

the pattern Andreas Frei from Switzerland is working about the patterns of labyrinths and shows how the different types of labyrinths are built.

Entwurf von Martina Thaler Labyrinth Weg zur Mitte is a website of Eveline Weiss and Martina Thaler from Vienna. They share their experiences with the labyrinth and make proposals to the theme labyrinth.

Art on stone: Ariadne's thread The motto of Diana Reitenbach from Salzburg (Austria) is: Life is movement, life is constant transformation. She is pedagogue for integral dancing, qualified in life counseling and social worker, and artist. The labyrinth plays a leading role in all this. Thus she created labyrinths on public places.

The logo of the web site© Das Erbe der Frauen e.V., Frankfurt a.M., Dagmar v. Garnier, 2003

The FRAUEN-GEDENK-LABYRINTH (Women's Memorial Labyrinth) — a project to honour great women in history was realized by the Zurich artist Agnes Barmettler according to an idea of the Frankfurt researcher on women and educationalist in dancing Dagmar von Garnier. This art project is a private initiative without public subsidy, based on Dagmar von Garnier and the non-profit association "Das Erbe der Frauen" (the heritage of women). Therefore ideal and financial support is in demand.

Rafaela SchmakowskiRafaela Schmakowski has discovered - beside her love to Qigong - also the labyrinth and she writes at her website: We need an ordering structure in todays social and personal life - and as it is one in a labyrinth, I believe walking, going, running, dancing through a labyrinth promotes social abilities. I believe, that its ordered and orderly structures stamp our hearts and serve peaceful life on earth.

EichfelderThe project artist and media designer Eichfelder of Worms is besides the myth of the Nibelungen engaged in labyrinths. In 100 Labyrinthe you will find an extensive archives about labyrinths from the origin at nearly 5000 years till today.

Sigi is greeting youDr. Siegfried Holzbauer is an Austrian media artist, which is working with the labyrinth and is presenting some very interesting projects in the internet, so: Das Labyrinth des Hürnen Seyfried.


Chartres ReplicaYou will find a Labyrinth Meditation about the Chartres labyrinth by Theo Tröndle at the web site of the Zentrale für Unterrichtsmedien im Internet e.V. (ZUM).

Lothar BrachtRalf Becker (formerly Lothar Bracht) of Karlsruhe is the man behind tritonus for the development, production and the marketing of labyrinths, milled in wood and coloured. You can use them as toys for children or as meditative objects for adults. At present there are four different kinds of labyrinths in ten colors and four sizes. More about it and a possibility to command online at

Gerd FestagThere was a candle-labyrinth at Easter 2003 in Seeheim-Jugenheim near Darmstadt. The project was supported and organized by many people. Information about the event and the labyrinth will stay at the website.

Reiner PadligurReiner Padligur is working with labyrinths as a dowser.


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