If you want to link to my website, I would be very pleased. For this purpose you may use one of the logos, which I offer you here and which you can copy immediately.

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The URL:

If you want to use a Flash animated logo, please email me under the address er(at), and you will get the swf-file. The advantage of a swf-file: It is scalable and the link is 'inside'.

You may see it here:

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services for freeThe counter and the guestbook on this website are free services from motigo. I like to recommend these and the other services from them.



Anfy-teamThe applets with the 3D-maze and the fireworks are made from Fabio Ciucci. Everyone can get the software and more applets for free from the Internet at the following address.



snowboardingIf you want to see my first website, please ... Link >





If you want to see an other website from me (in German, but with many photos), please ... Link >




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