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This website is dedicated to the labyrinth. But it is much more to say about Chartres. Others said a lot to it. Therefore you should find here some links to such websites. Surely you will find still more sites with the help of the web search engines.


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the west facadeThe Cathedral Notre Dame de Chartres: Information from Wikipedia ... Link >




AngelAbout the architecture:

From a data base of civil engineering ... Link >

From Great Buildings online ... Link >

From Mary Ann Sullivan ... Link >


view from the north towerThe city of Chartres welcomes you on their website. All information about the city ... Link >




view along the roofThe website of Notre-Dame de Chartres Cathedral ... Link >

The labyrinth is free from chairs every Friday.




park beside the cathedralYou can stay in Maison St. Yves, just a stone's throw from the cathedral, if you want ... Link >




seen from the townThe cathedral belongs to the World Heritage of the UNESCO since 1979 ... Link >




view of the northern transeptThe Chartres, Sanctuary of the World Association, is dedicated to the safeguarding of the cathedral Notre-Dame of Chartres ... Link >




the official monument-plate with the labyrinth of ReimsAbout the history ... Link >





Robert FerréRobert Ferré works as a full-time labyrinth maker in the USA, specializing in the Chartres labyrinth. He organized innumerable tours to Chartres ... Link >

On his website you can see a beautiful photo of the labyrinth from Sonia Halliday ... Link >



John JamesJohn James, an Australian architect, has spent 30 years examining Gothic structures and is writing about it. He knows the cathedral better than anyone in the world ... Link >




on the north towerA dark chapter of this time, the crusades ... Link >





standing under the crossingThey didn't know the term Gothic in 1200, although they built Gothic. It was not only a new style, it was a new spirit ... Link >




Bishop Fulbert with pupilsThe School of Chartres was through two centuries one of the most famous high schools of the occident. It was a reservoir for the pre-Christian world of ideas which at the same time cultivated the natural sciences of the time ... Link >




Fresco in the cryptA binary code from the Middle Ages? Sacred Geometry always played a large role at the building of holy sites, also in Chartres ... Link >




vault in the cryptBernard of Clairvaux influenced a whole epoch. The Cistercians received a fresh revive by him. Something about his life and his work ... Link >




the west rosetteThe spirituality of the Cistercians influenced the building of the cathedral ... Link >




seen at nightThe Templars went through a time of revival at that time ... Link >





the west facadeFor someones the cathedral has something to do with the Holy Grail ... Link >




on the north towerThe cathedral was built by stone-masons and bricklayers, who were united in brotherhoods and guilds. They worked with the rough stone, as it does the freemasons ... Link >




one woman moreThe Sacred Dance has discovered Chartres too ... Link >

More information about Sacred Dance ... Link >




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