Pilgrimage Paris - Chartres 2003, Part 1


The way to Chartres -
an adventure the other way round

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A description in (a few) words and (many) pictures


Pilgrimage from Paris to Chartres Cathedral with the famous labyrinth, from 08/31/2003 to 09/06/2003 under the guidance of Gernot Candolini together with 20 companions from Switzerland, Germany and Austria.




in the garden of the sistersinside the house, so beautiful signsArrival in Paris on Sunday, 08/31/2003 in the evening. Our accomodation was near the Eiffel Tower at the Assomptionist Sisters in Rue Violet. First occasion to come to know. Dinner in a small restaurant nearby. After that the Eiffel Tower* attracted. Passing the first night in Paris.



Eiffel tower and a merry-go-round on the second floor view upside in the background Montparnasse

*Here you can see the official website of the Eiffel Tower ... Link >



in the garden of the sistersat Saint-DenisMonday, 09/01/2003: In the morning we had an introduction about labyrinths. In the noon we went with the subway to Saint Denis to see the oldest gothic cathedral. In the afternoon we had Paris at our own disposal. I have been at la Défense. Passing the second night in Paris.




the basilica Saint Denis the rosette the rosette two of many sarcophagi
La Défense, Esplanade La Défense, Esplanade, Eiffel tower in the background La Défense, Esplanade La Défense, la Grande Arche



the first morning circleTuesday, 09/02/2003: Departure with the backpacks, first line with the subway to the cathedral Notre Dame, then hiking on the old road of St. James passing the Rue St. Jacques to the church St. Jacques and a small brasserie at the corner. Then new march through Paris and its suburbs to to the railway station Malakoff. Then with the train to Rambouillet, where we visited the castle. With the bus to Bel-Air into an ETAP-hotel for overnight accomodation. Dinner in a pizzeria. We walked this day approximately 15 km.



in the subway leaving the subway in front of Notre Dame feeding the sparrows
St. Jacques through Paris taking a rest in a park in the park of Rambouillet