The labyrinth at the Benediktushof

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the outline

We will build a labyrinth was the theme of a workshop by Beatrice Grimm from May 19 to 23 in 2004. Because it was meant literally, a new labyrinth was created in this workshop.




the engravingThe labyrinth should be a Classical one with 7 paths and a larger center. Such a labyrinth could be found in Jeff Saward's journal Caerdroia Nr. 33. Just a few years ago archaeologists found a block of marble with a labyrinth engraved at Knidos in the Southwest of Turkey, dated to the 6th to 7th centuries AC. Therefore this type of labyrinth is as old as the origins of the Benediktushof.

More about the Knidos labyrinth here >


a Medieval pillarthe bellThis knot on a Medieval pillar in the Zendo is in its structure a sign for the labyrinth. The pattern of the Classical labyrinth is made out of 9 points. On the Chinese bell in the yard you can also see patterns of 9 points, meaning abundance and perfection.


The labyrinth was built with love and enthusiasm. Since the first moment of its origin people walked the labyrinth.


the beginning: May 19th, 2004 full power it's going round everybody as she/he likes
the red thread the first walks the first visit the first day


the labyrinth: July 3rd, 2004Ariadne's threadThe first labyrinth (diameter 18 m) was too large for the area. The definitive labyrinth has a diameter of 14,40 m, the pathways are 50 cm large, seperated with small hills of 30 cm, all is made out of grass.




expertsP. Willigis and Beatrice GrimmThe way in measures 182 m. Walking inside and outside you cover 364 m. All things, like the exact position, how to build the labyrinth, what kind of material to use, was discussed with the landscape gardeners.




water poolssunshineThe realisation was done with the help of workshop participants and longer staying house guests.




the profilingthe groovesTo get the water away grooves had to be built. This was a very hard labour in the heavy ground containing loam. The rain softened all to pulp, the sun burned it to concrete.




ChristofBeatriceBut finally all was prepared to to put the turf on earth.





This was the day of the expert gardeners (August 17th, 2004), who layed the 2 years old turf across the labyrinth.

the first line of grass the green is growing examining
a hot day covered with grass the labyrinth is green


In the time from July 3rd, 2004 till the day of inauguration on November 14th, 2004 the new labyrinth at the Benediktushof was created.

P. Willigis opening ritual with Beatrice Grimm November 14th, 2004


The labyrinth: A spiritual path in a Center for Spiritual Paths.


10/03/2004 10/03/2004 10/31/2004 11/07/2004
12/22/2004 12/22/2004 01/23/2005 01/24/2005

Attractive, beautiful and charming.

02/27/2005 Lisa Arriving at the center In the center
Lisa dancing The first this day In the sun Enlightened

We are coming from the shadow and are wandering to the light.


Angaangaq in the labyrinthAngaangaq with the QuilautAngaangaq, Shaman, spiritual healer, and an Elder from the Eskimo-Kalaallit, was visiting the Benediktushof on October 19th, 2007. He wants make melting the ice in the hearts of man, to make us understand that we can no longer let melt the ice cap of Greenland.


More about that on this website ... Link >


P. Willigis and AngaangaqAngaangaq at the fireplaceAngaangaq makes P. Willigis a present at the fireplace, and wishes all the best for him.





Standing EagleStanding EagleStanding Eagle, Shaman and spiritual healer from the tribe of the Sonoran Yaqui Line at Colorado, was on the Benediktushof from November 18 to 20, 2007, for a symposion "Healing".
He was initiated to the Tewa Pueblo tradition through his grandmother as a little child.


More information about him here ... Link >


For more pictures of the labyrinth please go to the Photo Gallery under Holzkirchen >


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