My occupation with the labyrinth is a personal matter, I have no commercial interests at all. I only want to show, using the web, how fascinating labyrinths can be. I would be glad if I could stimulate someone to her or his own reflections.


The theme of this website is the labyrinth (and sometimes the maze). There are some games and puzzles too. Also a photo gallery, books about the theme and a list of links to other important labyrinth sites in the web.


This website should be suitable for a screen-size of 800 x 600 pixels as well as for 1024 x 768 pixels. All browsers are possible.
To enjoy all the animations and sounds the Macromedia Flash Player and loud-speakers should be installed and Java should be activated. You should allow pop-up windows in mymaze. Please be patient when the Flash movies are loaded. Depending on your Internet connection this can take time.


There are detailed and profound presentations of the labyrinth theme in the literature and in other websites also. There you will find more information and suggestions about labyrinths.


The Franconian rake (heraldic figure) on the left shows where I'm coming from: Franconia, Bavaria, Germany.
I made the animations, the photos in the photo gallery and the descriptions.


information how to work with this website you will find under directions, to reach also by entering through the flags on the entry page.

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